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 NAtionals Competition Season

Basic Overview and Details

  • Two Months of Training May-June, 3-4 Days per Week

  • Regional Traveling to Scrimmage other Clubs on Weekends

  • Competing at Nationals

  • College Recruiting

  • Sand Volleyball Practices/Competitions

  • Cost: TBD 

  • If you are interested in participating, please contact us ASAP. There is a lot of coordination that goes into determining the number of teams we will have representing us. 

  • We will be fielding at least 1 team per age group from 12U-18U

Dates: June 27-July 1, 2022

Location: Orange County Convention Center / Orlando, FL

Parking: At the Orange County Convention Center, a parking fee will be charged daily. Be sure to save your receipt. Parking does include reentry on the same day with your receipt. All fees and policies are subject to change.

Tournament Layout:

  • Monday, June 27 Team Check-In (Orange County Convention Center, South Concourse) TBD

  • Tuesday, June 28 Competition – Pool Play AM or PM wave Wednesday, June 29 Competition – Pool Play AM or PM wave Thursday, June 30 Competition – Pool Play AM or PM wave

  • Friday, July 1 Competition – Brackets & Finals –**Matches can start as late as 8 PM Single Elimination

Levels of Play for Boys Divisions (OPEN, CLUB, CLASSIC):

  • Open: This division is for elite teams and the most competitive and highest level of competition. Only the highest level of teams should enter this division.

  • Club: This division is the middle level of competition.

  • Classic: This division is a lower level of competition.

Birth Records and Proof of Age:

  • Proof of age must be presented at TEAM CHECK-IN and held by the team’s Head Coach to be available before and/or anytime during the event upon request of the event staff

    • A copy of a valid driver’s license, learner’s permit, state photo identity card or government issued passport.

    • A copy of birth record from the STATE, COUNTY OR MUNICIPAL BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS from the place of birth.

Chaperones: Two Chaperones will be assigned per team

College Recruiters: Team rosters will be made available to college coaches for ages 14 to 18. The team rosters submitted online as of May 10 will be used for college recruiters

Housing: There are no tournament requirements.


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